Getting a new roof is a major home improvement project that can cause some disruption to your normal routine. Are you wondering whether you need to temporarily move out while the work is being done? The good news is that in most cases, you can continue living in your home during the reroofing process. Although getting your roof replaced while still living in your home can be disruptive, with the right precautions and flexibility, it is very doable.

What to Expect During the Roof Replacement Process

Here’s what to expect if you decide to stick it out through the reroofing process.

Loud Noises Are Part of the Deal

Noise is another issue to be ready for with a roof replacement project. It can get quite loud with hammers, nail guns, dump trucks, and other equipment running throughout the day. This is temporary, but you may want to avoid scheduling important phone calls or video conferences at home during the noisiest periods of demolition and installation. Noise-cancelling headphones and taking the pets elsewhere during the day can help.

There Will Be a Mess

Be prepared for a mess. Roofing work is dirty. There will be dust, nails, and debris everywhere outside once demolition begins. The crew should contain and collect as much of this as possible with tarps and magnets, but some will inevitably spread. Be ready to do some sweeping and pick up. Interiors can get dusty too, especially if any attic access holes are exposed.

Adjustments in Your Normal Routines

Finally, expect routine disruptions from the noise and workers onsite. Conference calls, relaxation time, and household chores will be impacted. Embrace the short-term inconvenience knowing the new roof over your head will be worth it. With planning and flexibility, you can live through a roof replacement while barely skipping a beat.

What to Do Before Re-Roofing Is Done

Take Safety Measures

Your top priority should be safety. There will be debris falling and nails all around during tear-off. Most professional roofing contractors take precautions to keep you out of harm’s way, but accidents can happen. Make sure young children and pets are supervised and kept far away from the work zone.

Coordinate Logistics with Your Roofing Contractor

You’ll still need to get in and out of your home. Roofing contractors should provide protected walkways from the street to your door. Make sure crew vehicles don’t block you in. Discuss any outdoor power or water needs. Be flexible if they ask you to avoid certain rooms while working overhead.

Protect and Secure Your Belongings

Falling debris and trampling crews can endanger patio items. Stash your lawn decor and furniture in the garage. Delicate antiques and collectibles are safer in closed cabinets during demolition. Expect some shaking during reroofing so secure shelved objects. The crew will likely need to access all sides of the house with ladders and equipment, so anything that could get in the way should be put away.

Final Verdict

Can you stay in your home during roof repair or replacement? With proper precautions and flexibility, yes you generally can. Safety is paramount during the reroofing process. Expect noise, logistics challenges, and disruptions. But the new roof will be worth the temporary disruption during the reroofing process.

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